Submit Art FAQ

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for submitting your art.

+ Who can show their work at Art All Night - Trenton?

EVERYONE! Any artist of any age, skill level or medium is invited to submit one (and only one - absolutely no exceptions) piece of artwork. You must be the artist of the work submitted.

+ How do I submit my artwork to Art All Night - Trenton?

Online art submissions are closed but we are still taking walk ups during drop off hours.

+ When can I drop off my art?

Art drop off times for this years event are as follows:

Thursday, June 13 - All sculptural works – 4pm – 10pm
Friday, June 14 – 2D art, 4pm to 10pm
Saturday June 15 - 2D art, 7am to 10am

*Any artwork between 3'-4' should be dropped off on Friday, June 14, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will have a place to display it. No artwork will be accepted after 10am on Saturday June 15.

+How is my art hung or displayed? How should I prepare it?

Please be sure that all 2-dimensional artwork arrives ready to be hung or displayed. Items to be hung should have wire or fasteners. Artists submitting 3-dimensional pieces must supply a pedestal or stand with their piece. When selecting a stand, please keep in mind that most sculpture is best viewed at no lower than 4-feet high.

Most artwork will be hung on a single screw with a quarter-inch head; therefore, your submission (unless it is a sculpture) must be able to hang securely from this screw and should have a picture wire securely connected to the back. When you get to AAN, our curating team will review your art to ensure it is ready to be hung in our gallery. If it is not ready to hang, they will fix your artwork to make sure it can be properly hanged for a small cash donation. If it cannot be made ready to hang, we cannot accept your art.

+ Are there any size requirements?

Due to space limitations, Art All Night will no longer accept 2D pieces larger than 4' high or wide. The largest submissions we will accept are 4'x4' or 16 square feet. No exceptions.

Any artwork between 3'-4' should be dropped off on Friday, June 14, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will have a place to display it. No artwork will be accepted after 10am on Saturday June 15.

+ What if my art is electronic or needs electric?

Electric is very difficult to come by in the gallery and it will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Please provide an extension cord that is at least 8 feet in length. All submissions using the internet must use cellular wireless technology (we can not provide wifi). All submissions which involve sound must be accompanied by headphones.

+ What if I have a sculpture or 3d piece?

All sculptural work must be dropped off on Thursday, June 13, from 4pm to 10pm.

If you would like to display a scuplture please note AAN does NOT supply you with pedestals for your sculpture or artwork. If you would like to submit a sculpture to AAN, you must supply the proper pedestal.

+ When can my art be picked up?

You must pick up your artwork from the registration table between 3:15pm and 6:00pm on Sunday June 16. Artists will not, under any circumstances, be permitted to remove their artwork prior to the end of the show at 3pm on Sunday June 16.

Please note that there tends to be a long line immediately at the start of art pickup; however, this line tends to clear out by 4pm, so if you don't want to wait, you might want to consider coming after 4:00 on Sunday, June 16 to pickup your art. If you do not pick up your art by Sunday June 16 at 6pm, your artwork will be considered a donation to Artworks Trenton and will be sold at an orphan art sale. The proceeds of which will benefit Artworks Trenton. Please note there there are zero exceptions to this rule.

+ Can I sell my artwork at Art All Night - Trenton?

Art All Night - Trenton is happy to sell your art for you. If you choose to submit your piece of art and make it available for sale, Art All Night - Trenton will process the sale on your behalf and then cut you a check.

Due to the fact that Art All Night will process the sale on your behalf, we do absorb credit card fees and administrative costs associated with the sale. To offset these costs, we ask that you kindly donate a portion of your sale back to Art All Night - Trenton and Artworks. The set donation is 20% of the sale price but many artists have donated much more... even up to 100% of the sale!

+ What if my artworks sells?

If your art sells at Art All Night, you will be notified by 2:30pm on Sunday, June 16.
Your work will be safely delivered to Artworks Trenton for pick up by the purchaser. Checks will be available for pick up starting July 2, at Artworks Trenton, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ 08611. You may pick up your check during normal Artworks Trenton business hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-6pm. Please make sure to have your ID with you at pick up.

+ Can someone else drop off/pickup my artwork for me?

Yes, provided you:

A) Register online, in advance
B) Ensure that the person dropping off your art also brings a photo copy or picture of your ID, such as your state issued driver's license.
C) You include the name of the person that you identify to drop off your art on the submission form

+ Ok I registered my art! Now what!?

You can start by letting your friends and family know that your Art is on display at Art All Night. But, the most important thing you can do is to come out to Art All Night and enjoy the event. If you haven’t already, join the Art All Night Facebook page to keep up to the minute on the preparations and announcements.

+ Some of the info on my art submission is inaccurate. What should I do?

It is the responsibility of the artist to make sure that all information on their artwork is correct. This includes title of the piece, price, and artist name. Once the piece is dropped off, changes cannot be made. No exceptions. If you would like to change info ahead of time please use the contact us link below and we will do our best to update it.

+ Is there anything you will not hang at Art All Night?

The Artworks and Art All Night hanging committee reserves the right to refuse any piece of art that they deem sexist, racist, homophobic, pornographic or otherwise offensive, this is a family event. It is up to the hanging committee to place and hang all work. Works will not be moved. No exceptions.

+ I heard about the Artworks Selects exhibit. What is that and how will I know if I am selected?

If your work is selected for the Artworks "Selects" Exhibition you will be notified by email on Sunday June 16 by 2pm, and you will NOT need to pick up your artwork. It will be carefully transported to Artworks for the gallery opening and will be displayed from June 29 - July 19, 2019, with an opening reception on June 29th, from 6-9pm. Even if your artwork isn't selected you should still plan on attending the opening!

+ Is Art All Night going to run for 24 hours this year?

Yes, Art All Night will take place at the same time and for the same duration as it always has, from 3 p.m. Saturday, June 15, through 3 p.m. Sunday, June 16.

+ Is Art All Night at the same site?

Yes, Art All Night will be held in and around the Roebling Wire Works site as in past years.

+ After what happened last year, what will be different this year to ensure the event is safe?

Although the event is still free and open to all, the biggest change this year will be that the whole perimeter of the event, including all outdoor music, food truck and other activity areas, will be fenced off. Attendees must go through a security check at two entrances (off Dye Street and S. Clinton Avenue) including being wanded and having their bags checked. All drinks and liquids, illegal drugs, weapons or other dangerous items will not be allowed in.

+ What else is being done to make the event safe?

We have been working with the City of Trenton since January to develop a security plan and a large law enforcement presence for the full 24 hours of Art All Night. This plan has been vetted and signed off on by independent risk management and security consultants, as well as by the city and Artworks. For peak hours on Saturday and overnight, there will be upwards of 40 law enforcement officers (uniformed and plainclothes) from the City of Trenton Police, State Police, County Prosecutor's Office, and other jurisdictions. There will also be a sizable Trenton Fire Department and Emergency Services (EMT) contingent at the event. Law enforcement will be closing Dye Street and S. Clinton Avenue adjacent to the Art All Night site, and patrolling the area outside the fenced perimeter of the event as well as the inside of the event.

+ I see negative comments on social media, even some of my friends and family are saying they may not attend Art All Night this year. Are these concerns valid?

We know that some people will be vocal about these things, and we understand they have every right to voice their opinion, and choose not to attend Art All Night this year. Art All Night has always been about countering the negativity directed at Trenton, and showing how wonderful the city and its art scene is. Now more than ever, volunteering at and attending Art All Night is a statement that we will not let the bad guys or the fear mongers stop us from being a part of something so big and wonderful, so creative, and so important. Art All Night is safer this year than it's ever been. We hope you will show your solidarity with us and help us bring Art All Night back, better than ever.

+ I have other questions?

Please feel free to use the contact us link below!