Art All Night would never be possible without the incredible amount of volunteers that help us through the process. With more than 400 volunteers and over 2,000 hours of logged volunteer time during the event, Art All Night is the very definition of a community event... but it would NEVER be possible without all of you!

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Art All Night works to empower artists of all  ages, skill levels and mediums. It's free to submit your work and we invite you to submit one piece of artwork to be put on display in our 24-hour pop-up art gallery. Want to sell your artwork as well? We can help with that as well! Read on for all of the info you'll need to submit your work to Art All Night!

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 In 2016, over 1,500 artists of all ages, skill levels and mediums submitted work and more than 30,000 people attended! Enjoy live music on indoor and outdoor stages, interactive art, our brand new film festival, lectures about using art to revitalize cities, meaningful kids art activities, interesting food, and plenty of artful surprises!

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