Perform Live FAQ 

Here are some frequently asked questions for those filling out the live performance form.

+ How long are submissions being accepted?

Submissions for live performances will be open until May 7th.

+ When will groups be notified if they are accepted?

Acceptance notifications for all performers will come prior to May 21st.

+ Are groups really asked to perform for free?

Yes. While we strongly support payment of artists working in any medium we have positioned AAN as a night for artists to give back to the scene that supports them.

+ Who is in charge of the selections?

Selections will be made by a panel of local music enthusiasts. Many of these panel members can be found on stage, behind the mixing board or working hard on live music promotions in Trenton year round.

+ What are you the panelists looking for?

Submissions should express the full breadth of your groups capabilities as not only as a music group but an organization and independent entity. High quality recordings, video, website, merchandise and promotions are looked at in addition to musical talent. We want to be sure the groups we put on stage represent our region as a leader in the live music scene. We also seek to highlight performers who call the Trenton region home.

+ What we are specifically not looking for?

Due to the tragedy that took place at last years event Art All Night - Trenton has developed a strong anti violence stance. If your lyrics, imagery or persona allude to violence, misogyny or inhibits another cultures freedom of speech please understand that it is unlikely your submission will be accepted.

+ What happens if I’m not selected?

Of you’re not select to perform don’t worry! Any submission is part of the statement of art, community and non-violence AAN has come to stand for. Also the submission list is circulated to local venues, nonprofits and other entities that may reach out to you throughout the year. Plus there is always next year!

+ What happens if your performance is selected?

Once selected we will begin gathering final promo assets, stage plots, input lists and other day of assets. Your group will be given a rough timeframe to hold for performances which will be finalized prior to the promotion deadline of May 21st. If you are unresponive to our email requests we will be forced to move on to another selection. From there we will provide the necessary load in documentation and credentials for the event.

+ How long are the performances?

Most sets are about 45 minutes long and we have about 15 minutes of changeover time between them. The submission team is still working on the exact timing of events which will depend on submissions we receive.

+ Have other questions?

Contact us at the link below.