Install and Demo FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions for those filling out the installation and demo form.

+ How long are submissions being taken?

Submissions for installations and demos will be open until May 14th.

+ When will groups be notified if they are accepted?

Acceptance notifications for installations and demos will come prior to May 22nd.

+ Are budgets given for projects?

We do our best to cover the cost of materials for demos and certain installations. This is highly dependent on the quality and interactivity if your submission.

+ Who is in charge of the selections?

Selections will be made by a panel of local artists and arts producers. Many of these panel members can be found in studios, art centers or working hard on art happenings in Trenton year round.

+ What are you the panelists looking for?

Submissions should express the full breadth of your installation or demo’s footprint, interactivity, time frames and other details. Installations and demos that are awe inspiring, engaging to our crowd and run the full 24 hours are ideal.

+ What are some formats that have worked in the past?

In the past we have hosted interactive lounge areas, immersive installations and interactive art. There are several installation areas through the festival we host these in. Demos, masters classes and other process based visuals are also achievable depending on the craft. We usually host these in demo or pre-set areas with proper power, sound, lighting and safety equipment.

+ What we are specifically not looking for?

We are specifically not looking for ideas that are dangerous, out of the scope of what is achievable at a free diy art festival (budget and manpower) or that do not represent our core values of art, community and non-violence.

+ What happens if I’m not selected?

Of you’re not select to install or demo don’t worry! Any submission is part of the statement of art, community and non-violence AAN has come to stand for. Also the submission list is circulated to local venues, nonprofits and other entities that may reach out to you throughout the year. Plus there is always next year!

+ What happens if your submission is selected?

Once selected we will begin gathering final promo assets, floor plans, materials lists and other day of assets. Your group will be given a rough timeframe which will be finalized prior to the promotion deadline of May 28th. If you are unresponive to our email requests we will be forced to move on to another selection. From there we will provide the necessary load in documentation and credentials for the event.

+ Is Art All Night going to run for 24 hours this year?

Yes, Art All Night will take place at the same time and for the same duration as it always has, from 3 p.m. Saturday, June 15, through 3 p.m. Sunday, June 16.

+ Is Art All Night at the same site?

Yes, Art All Night will be held in and around the Roebling Wire Works site as in past years.

+ After what happened last year, what will be different this year to ensure the event is safe?

Although the event is still free and open to all, the biggest change this year will be that the whole perimeter of the event, including all outdoor music, food truck and other activity areas, will be fenced off. Attendees must go through a security check at two entrances (off Dye Street and S. Clinton Avenue) including being wanded and having their bags checked. All drinks and liquids, illegal drugs, weapons or other dangerous items will not be allowed in.

+ What else is being done to make the event safe?

We have been working with the City of Trenton since January to develop a security plan and a large law enforcement presence for the full 24 hours of Art All Night. This plan has been vetted and signed off on by independent risk management and security consultants, as well as by the city and Artworks. For peak hours on Saturday and overnight, there will be upwards of 40 law enforcement officers (uniformed and plainclothes) from the City of Trenton Police, State Police, County Prosecutor's Office, and other jurisdictions. There will also be a sizable Trenton Fire Department and Emergency Services (EMT) contingent at the event. Law enforcement will be closing Dye Street and S. Clinton Avenue adjacent to the Art All Night site, and patrolling the area outside the fenced perimeter of the event as well as the inside of the event.

+ I see negative comments on social media, even some of my friends and family are saying they may not attend Art All Night this year. Are these concerns valid?

We know that some people will be vocal about these things, and we understand they have every right to voice their opinion, and choose not to attend Art All Night this year. Art All Night has always been about countering the negativity directed at Trenton, and showing how wonderful the city and its art scene is. Now more than ever, volunteering at and attending Art All Night is a statement that we will not let the bad guys or the fear mongers stop us from being a part of something so big and wonderful, so creative, and so important. Art All Night is safer this year than it's ever been. We hope you will show your solidarity with us and help us bring Art All Night back, better than ever.

+ Have other questions?

Contact us at the link below.