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TRENTON – Art All Night Trenton will host the world premiere of “Our Ghostbusters,” a scene-for-scene parody and love letter to the 1984 horror-comedy classic film. More than 15 filmmakers from the greater Trenton area will collaborate in the creation of the film. “Our Ghostbusters Remake” will premiere at 8 PM as part of Art All Night Trenton 2015 on June 20, 2015 at the Historic Roebling Wire Works, located at 675 South Clinton Ave. in Trenton. Art All Night Trenton is free and open to the public.

“Our Ghostbusters Remake” is a crowd-produced film recreation based on the 1984 Ivan Reitman film. Under the management of Jeff Stewart, Trenton filmmaker and Art All Night Trenton’s Director of Video Documentation, the original film will be segmented  into individual pieces, each of which will be shot in a different style by each director. Similar efforts based on “Footloose” and “Robocop” have amassed sizable internet followings. In keeping with the creative impulses of the different directors involved, the film will not be a shot-for-shot remake, but a scene-for-scene re-telling drawn from a variety of inspirations.  

“With Hollywood working on at least two different Ghostbusters reboots, we wanted to make sure there was one out there that showed some serious love from the fans,” said Stewart. “The result of this process will be a funny, weird mash-up of our tributes to one of the greatest genre films of all time—and it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.”

Stewart will be directing two sequences of the film himself—one will be the famed ESP-test introduction of Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman, in a scene that flips genders and draws new inspiration from recent horror films. The second sequence is best kept as a surprise to viewers, but features a cameo from another famous 80s adventure foursome (guesses welcome).

Area filmmakers involved with “Our Ghostbusters Remake” include Jeff Stewart, Anthony Catanese, Chris Kaczor, Will Foskey, Frank Williams, Jamaal Green, Joshua Borden, Mark Mackner, Juan Irizarry, Robert A. Emmons Jr., Ryan O' Leary, Richard Priest, The Gambino Brothers, Krystle Ann Griffin, and Loren Lepre. Stewart and other members of the “Our Ghostbusters Remake” team were responsible for “Bench,” a collaborative film that debuted at Art All Night 2014.

“’Our Ghostbusters’ is all about fun and honoring a film we all love,” said Art All Night Event Director Joe Kuzemka. “It’s going to be a blast to watch, and the process of making it combines some of Trenton’s best artists with a sense of inspiration and pop culture—with a little bit of craziness mixed in, too. It really speaks to the spirit of Art All Night.”

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