Since 2010, Art All Night - Trenton has presented dozens of lectures on arts education, affording you the opportunity to learn first-hand from working artists who are living out their creative aspirations. In 2017, Art All Night refocused our educational component by presenting the Interactive Arts Circuit. This "circuit" will provide an opportunity to watch and learn from working artists as they perform demos and provide talks on their craft.

Presented on Sunday June 17th, the Interactive Arts Circuit is a mobile learning opportunity where you will walk from installation to installation as you hear first hand about the artists, their crafts, local history and more.


Tour of the Roebling Machine Shop, the Home of Art All Night by Clifford Zink
Built in 1890 and expanded in 1901, the Roebling Machine Shop is one of finest historic industrial buildings in New Jersey. Forty-five minute tours at 9AM and Noon on Sunday will highlight the building's design, construction, original use, and historic machinery, plus its preservation and evolution into Trenton's premiere event venue.
Inside Dye St. Entrance of Wire Works Building / Sunday 9am & 12pm

Learn to Play the Ukele by Levon Syers
This beginner workshop will give participants the chance to play the ukulele with others in a group setting. Lead by Levon Syers, who has over 15 years of experience teaching and performing music, students will learning basic strumming patterns, simple chords, and may even walk away from the class knowing how to play a song or two! Bring your own uke or use one provided by Russo Music, where Levon also works as an experienced musician and teacher. In order to ensure everyone gets the most out of the experience, each of the two 40-minute classes will have a limited enrollment of 15 students. All ukulele class participants will be entered in a drawing to win a free uke! "Uke" can do it!
Indoor Stage / Sunday 10:20-11am & 11:10-11:50am

The Art of Blacksmithing by Daniel Lipidow a.k.a. Hebrew Hammer
Daniel Lapidow, associate of the Blacksmith of Trenton, will demonstrate coal fired blacksmithing as it has been practiced for thousands of years. Daniel will forge simple form - hooks, nails, other tradlitional iron work - and speak about he process of creating objects from plain, raw steel. He will explain how various tools are used in conjunction with high heat and hot metal, as well as answer any audience questions. Additionally, Dan will speak about the history of blacksmithing, especially in relation to the history of Trenton and Trenton's role in the manufacturing of both iron and some of America's most famous anvils.
Outside S. Clinton Ave. Entrance / Sunday 11am - 2pm

Meet the Dueling & Mobile Muralists by Sophie Ban, Billy MF Brown, Jonathan “Lank” Connor, Albertus Joseph, Marthalicia Mattarrita, Naval, Leon Rainbow, & Ralph Serrano
Meet some of the best graffiti artists in the Trenton scene along with guest sprayers from along the east coast and beyond who have dedicated the weekend to battle in a daring feat of completing a large-scale mural showcasing all of their skills in just 24 hours. Don’t be intimidated! This is a chance to get to know them, a meet and greet of sorts to find out who they are and the tricks of their trade.
Millyard Park / Sunday 11am - 2pm

Tintypes by CJ Harker
Come see how photographs were made during Civil War times from scratch on metal. We’re talking about some old school polaroids that will take your breath away!
Inside Dye St. Entrance of Wire Works Building / Sunday 11am - 2pm

Racket Bikes by Wills Kinsley in collaboration with Brick Co-Workshop & Jersey Devils Bicycle Club
Music and science - it’s a combination you may have never dreamt could make sense! These bike crazed kooks are here to show you the ins and outs of how imagination can come to life in with whimsical finesse and a few key equations.
Millyard Park / Sunday 11am - 2pm

24 Hour Music Video Marathon by Bill Nobes
SPOILER ALERT: Attending this talk could ruin every movie you watch. If not for you then your friends and family. This talk will cover basic filmmaking techniques and how filmmakers use them to influence the viewer. There will be live demos covering everything from framing and composition to lenses and color timing. Once you learn of these techniques you may never stop seeing them when you watch television programs and movies. You may go from thinking “Oh my, wasn’t that a nice shot” to blurting out to your friends, relatives and partners “Oh my, the use of the rule of thirds in that shot was masterful and that focus rack from the medium shot to the MCU of the coffee mug was amazing!”
Main Gallery / Sunday 11am - 2pm