Over the past 11 years, Art All Night-Trenton has grown to be the region's leading art festival. Initially put together as a large, open submission gallery, Art All Night has grown to include demo’s, installations and teaching events from the area's foremost artists. The groups that present events all do so for free in support of Artworks, the non-profit arts center that hosts Art All Night.

Art All Night 2017 will facilitate more of this interactive, educational and collaborative art than ever and we want you to be a part of it! Just like the art in the gallery you don’t need to be a high-end, big time artist to be involved. Just someone with an idea you want to share or bring to life with the help of 30,000 people at a FREE 24 hour art festival!

Live Glassblowing with poncho glass at art all night 2013

Bike Welding at art all night 2014

Dueling Muralists at art all night 2014



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Live Iron Pour! w/AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective (Saturday Night)
Outside Main Entrance
The Art All Night-Trenton 2016 Iron Pour once again reunites the forces of Art All Night - Trenton with the AbOmInOg Intl. Arts Collective, who first worked with Art All Night in 2010 and then again in 2012. Those years, the crew from AbOmInOg Intl. amazed spectators by forging steel live throughout the night, as one-story-high orange flames enveloped Trenton's urban backdrop. This year’s Art All Night-Trenton festival marks the third historic collaboration between these two dynamic art forces as they once again bring the mesmerizing art of a live iron pour to inner city Trenton. The AbOmInOg team will also be pouring cast iron, fresh-from-the-flames, limited edition medallions that will be available for sale at the Art All Night - Trenton retail station!

Silent Disco w/Sound Off Productions (All 24 Hours!)
Off Main Gallery
The people have spoken and Art All Night has answered the call! The Silent Disco is back with a vengeance and is now in a bigger location! Presented by Sound Off Productions, this international production company has selected Art All Night as a location to show off their latest wireless headphone systems! Enter the Silent Disco and put on a pair of headphones you can use to select the feed from one of three DJ's spinning. The DJ's are color coded and the lights on your headphones flash to the beat of their music in matching color. Come check out multicultural DJ's mixed with other local DJ's spinning throughout the 24 hours.



Watching Me Watching You by Andrew Wilkinson (All 24 Hours!)
Installation Room Off Main Gallery
Security cameras have become virtually unnoticeable in urban environments, although they not hidden in plain sight, but part of our city landscapes and architecture. Whether the cameras are recording we'll never know, if they are recording - where is the footage and who watches it? 'The Control Room', is a security camera installation that emphasizes positivity through the massive amount of exciting moments, events and activities happening all at once at AAN.

Live Glassblowing by JM Glassworks (All 24 Hours!)
Millyard Park
JM Glassworks are back with Art All Night 2016 and are preparing to blow your mind! With multiple glass blowing torches firing away, you’ll view these artisans hard at work as they form and create amazing pieces of artwork right before your eyes. When the sun goes down, the glass glows brighter! Be sure to Check out their amazing torch work up close or see some of their free-blowing… where they create massive pieces with intricate colors!

Blanket Statement by Adam Hillman  (All 24 Hours!)
Millyard Park
Adam Hillman is a multimedia artist and art historian working in drawing, painting, and photography.  Best known for his “Arrangements” series, he organizes and photographs everyday objects into geometric patterns inspired by 20th century artistic styles such as Minimalism and the unabashed patterning of Outsider Art. Built on subversive wordplay, optical illusionism, and vibrant colors, they are equally conceptually and aesthetically rigorous, utilizing tropes such as visual puns which are almost entirely unseen in contemporary art.  n Hillman’s participatory Art All Night installation titled “Blanket Statement”, he is presenting a stark white blanket with the word “Statement” graphically stitched into the surface in a vibrant patchwork of colors.  Offering Art All Night visitors a chance to aid in its completion, viewers are invited to fill in the background with their own statements, using a plethora of colorful markers to forgo the usual spatial and physical boundaries between artwork and viewer.  Synthesizing his signature wordplay and patterning with the hands-on creative spirit of Art All Night, “Blanket Statement” both celebrates Art All Night’s 10th Anniversary and marks Hillman’s first foray into three-dimensional installation.

Thomas Edison State University Selfie Station  (All 24 Hours!)
Millyard Park
Sponsored by Thomas Edison State University, drop by and snap a selfie, or have one of 30,000 passersby snap a photo of you and your squad while hanging out at the 10 year anniversary of Art All Night - Trenton! Make sure to tag @aantrenton and @tesu_edu and hashtag #aantrenton and #tesu!

Dueling Muralists by Lank Connor and Jerry’s Art-A-Rama  (All 24 Hours!)
Millyard Park
Curated by local street art aficionado, Jonathan Conner (Lank), the Dueling Muralists are back as one of the longest running and greatest crowd pleasers of Art All Night! Featuring an almost entirely new set of artists, these artists will be working under the theme “Nightmare on the Bayou” where the finished 8’x8’ pieces will then be reused as wall art for the annual Artworks Halloween bash, The Monster’s Ball! With an all-star line up that includes local graffiti and fine artist heroes Mek, Lori Johansson, Chelsea Perron, Billy MF Brown and Ras & Esid these hard-hitters will blow your mind with what they come up with!

The Puzzle One by Championship Bar (All 24 Hours!)
Millyard Park
Get in on the mural fun! Championship Bar presents The Puzzle One... Help create two mini-murals that double as giant puzzles! Once each mural is finished it will be available to take apart and put together all night. Challenge your artistic skill and exercise your mind!

The Art of Becoming by Bentrice Jusu (All 24 Hours!)
Main Gallery
The Art of Becoming is a comprehensive and witty lecture comprising of case studies, experimental video, and performances, created by Social Entrepreneur and Artist, Bentrice Jusu. Over the last 5 years, Jusu has taken her life's circumstance as a first generation, Liberian American- "compensated-by-God" Artist (Photography and filmmaking), and fueled it as a inspiration for a metaphysical creation exemplified through her interdisciplinary artwork, non-profit research, and service organization formally known as "Both Hands." This lecture explores themes of abandonment, mental health, and the reclamation of autonomy and inspires listeners and onlookers to search within themselves in order to find their "niche" and turn it into Potential.  Additonally and most importantly, this lecture teaches the viewer to embrace the process by which they inevitably encounter when "Becoming" the person they want.

Photos All Night: A 10 Year Retrospective by Lucky 17 Photography (All 24 Hours!)
Main Gallery
For 10 years the Art All Night photo team, lead by Lucky 17 Photography, has captured thousands upon thousands of images of art, music, food, film and more! Curated by Michelle Lawlor, long time AAN Photo Captain, this installation will feature hundreds of images from throughout 10 years of Creativity, Community and Inspiration!

Russo Music and Timeless Tattoo: Musical Live Painting (All 24 Hours!)
Off Main Gallery
Come join Russo Music and Timeless Tattoo at Trenton's Art All Night for our INSTRUMENTED ART FUSION event! We gave some of our previously loved instruments to the crew over at Timeless Tattoo to do what they do best… turn them into works of art! Everything from drum heads to a guitar will be used as a canvas and will be on display at Art All Night. There will also be a live painting done at the event on an upright bass by Chris Stumpf and the Timeless Tattoo crew! All of the art will be up for silent auction all day and night on June 18th in the Main Gallery of Art All Night. This means you can place your bid on one of the pieces you like best, and the highest bid at the end of the day will be the lucky winner taking it home! All proceeds will be donated to Artworks to be put towards music and art events in Trenton, NJ. Make sure to stop by our booth to say “hey” and place a bid on some beautiful works of art!

Projection Mapping by Leon Rainbow  (All 24 Hours!)
Main Gallery
Graffiti mapping combines graffiti art and projection mapping.  For this project we take a amazing black and white graffiti piece and bring it to life using, video and animations projected into the design. Think about it as a graffiti coloring book with constantly changing colors, patterns and designs. The possibilities are endless! Graffiti art by Leon Rainbow. Projected Video by Lawrence R. Greenberg, PMP.

Trenton 365 Fashion Show by Amans Brindled and Trenton 365 (3:00pm)
Indoor Stage
2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Artworks Trenton Organization event Art All Night Trenton and the introduction of Fashion as a medium! Jacque Howard of the Trenton 365 Show will curate this interactive event through his Lifestyle By Amans Brindled brand.

Featured Designers:

  • Ray Vincente
    Ray Brown, the designer of Ray Vincente, has been designing since 1983 as a freelance designer for public and private individuals.  Ray earned his degree in Fashion Merchandising from ICS in PA with additional training at FIT of NYC, NY. 
  • Willie Hall
    Designer to A-List stars (Liz Taylor, Diana Ross, Madonna), Ms. Willie Hall has been designing for over 30 years. She says, "Designers are not made they're born,' and you can tell from her impeccable designs that she was absolutely born a Designer. Ms. Hall is also a successful fashion show producer for New York Fashion Week.
  • Enocan Fitness by Nacone Martin
    Nacone Martin is a Model, Actor and Entrepreneur with ambitious goals and a long list of successes. ENOCAN, which is simply her name spelled backwards coupled with the phrase “I KNOW I CAN” allows me to spread my powerful message that it is never to late to begin.

This Fashion Event will be accompanied by the live music of RS-SR Productions. RS-SR Productions consists of Rich Scannella and Scott Randolph. Rich Scannella has performed with Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Lady Gaga, is an adjunct Professor at Rider University and leads his own band the Rich Scannella Group. Scott Randolph is Founder and CEO of Acoustical and Tackable Surfaces, one of the premier sound proofing treatment company’s in North America today and a prolific singer-songwriter in his own right.

Twirling Arcade w/Twirling Arcade (3:00pm)
Near Reid Sound Main Stage

Also known as the Hula Hoop Lounge, Playful Creations is back at it again this year. Come grab a hoop, pair of devil sticks or one of the other fun toys and get twirling. Not only is it fun it is a great workout!      

Hair Art Demo w/New Era Barbershop (3:00pm)
Outdoor Demo Area
New Era Barbershop of Trenton brings out all their barbers and clippers to create wild hair designs. Carving intricate details into models and attendee's heads spots logos, graphic designs and possibly even the Art All Night logo will be among the finished designs. Come check out this unique art form before it grows out.

Candle Carving Demo w/Messiah (5:30pm-7pm)
Outdoor Demo Area
Messiah is a local legend when it comes to the art of candle carving and late Saturday afternoon you’ll get to see exactly why. Watch and learn as Messiah works and carves huge blocks of wax into amazing pieces of functional art!

Trenton Circus Squad Demo w/Trenton Circus Squad (7:00pm-10:00pm)
Outdoor Demo Area

Circus can change your life. It is the perfect metaphor for expanding our boundaries, overcoming challenges, developing self-esteem, and cultivating leadership skills. The Trenton Circus Squad’s goal is to create an inclusive environment where young people feel empowered to discover their passion and transform their own communities by helping others. 

Live Bike Welding Demo w/Trenton Bike Modification Society (10:00pm-2:00am)
Outdoor Demo Area
The Trenton Bike Modification Society has taken the City of Trenton by storm with their art bike and “tall bikes” where they develop Frankenstein bikes which can be seen at numerous bike rides and events around town. Watch these roughneck riders weld a one-of-a-kind bikes and other functional pieces of art. See up close and personal how their skills are used to deconstruct old bikes and transform them into new kinetic pieces of art!

Live Car Painting Demo w/Will Kasso (10:00am)
Outdoor Demo Area
If you’ve seen a painted car driving around the great-Trenton area, you’ve seen a Kasso original. Known for his unique style and forward-thinking neighborhood beautification visions, Kasso will paint an entire car right before your eyes!

Roebling Complex Walking Tour w/Clifford Zink (11:00am-12:00pm)
Meet outside Millyard Park entrance

Did you know that the building that has housed Art All Night for the past 10 years is same place The John Roebling Company created the wires that suspend the Brooklyn Bridge and other suspension bridges through the country. Join Roebling specialist on an informative walking tour of the factory grounds. Learn about the manufacturing history as well as the people who made Trenton a great part of American industry.

Visit with a Mercer Raceabout (10:00am-3:00pm)
Managed by the Roebling Family, we thought it only fitting that since the home of Art All Night is in a former Roebling factory that we have a Mercer Raceabout on site for you to see in person. One of the most sought after cars in its day, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see a true piece of local history!