The Art All Night - Trenton International Film Festival features over 200 short films from over 40 different countries from around the world. Working with filmmakers from a cross the globe, the AAN team assembles a curated selection of some of the best short films from around the world.

We are also very proud to feature "... Walks Into A Bar" which is a collective films created by seven different directors from the Greater Trenton Area. This premieres at 8pm on Saturday evening and is a not-to-be-missed event!

Aspiring filmmakers are also encouraged to take part in our 24-Hour Film Maker challenge where you may film at Art All Night on Saturday evening using your mobile phone and/or professional equipment and bring back an edited version to be shown at the end of the Film Festival at 2pm on Sunday!

Online submissions coming soon!



3-4pm — Bumpers and Previews of this years event
4:00pm - Courage by Anika Films
4:04pm - Pandas Have Got To Go  by Harriet Croucher
4:06pm - PAINT by Chris Kotcher
4:07pm - Ella Goda - La cura Schopenauer by Antonino Valvo
4:10pm - Two Names by Rene Dongo
4:16pm - DARK BLUE WITH HINTS OF RED by Rubén Pascual Tardío
4:18pm - My Research by Charlie Mars
4:22pm - Revelation - the City of Haze by Lu Sun
4:36pm - FETISH by Bryan Tan Chee Yong
4:38pm - Wish You Were Here by Jenna Krumerman
4:39pm - Why  by Diego Pecori
4:44pm - Teddy Bear by hermes mangialardo
4:46pm - The Writer's Dilemma by William R Coughlan
4:54pm - The Evil by Carlon Hardt
4:56pm - Crazy Carl by Kyle Misak
5:08pm - Dancing Like Madonna by Maciej Glowinski
5:13pm - Bike Portraits by Oleksandr (Sashko) Danylen
5:18pm - INTRA - Down The Roof by Michael Winiecki
5:24pm - Lucky Fellow by Samuel Auer
5:30pm - RED FOREST by Yikun Wang
5:40pm - Did You Really Say No by Asaf Yecheskel
5:45pm - KNIGHT x KANT | GRAFFITI ALMATY by Ilya Karchin
5:51pm - Magic Cobra Tattoo by Adrian Alonso Cordoni
5:55pm - Peaceful Life by Sebastien Bellaval
6:00pm - Working Title by Devin Ramey
6:03pm - Fundamental by ShihChieh Chiu
6:09pm - Trilitrate - Aligrina by Jose Araujo
6:13pm - María Fernanda in time by Xavier Pijuan
6:23pm - That's a Wrap (Hold the Onions) by Rachel Caron
6:28pm - KAIJU BATH by shinya hashizume
6:44pm - Say What!: A Geriatric Proposal by Jeremy Weinstein
6:50pm - Yosonu: Slow fool by mauro nigro
6:55pm - WALLS by I AM HERE
7:16pm - Steven goes to the park by ADIFAC ADIFAC
7:22pm - Skinny Days - Alright Right Now by Mats Udd
7:25pm - 24 Days of torture by Vik&Nes Collective
7:27pm - Rus.Time - First (Eng) by Vladimir Konarev 

“…Walks into a Bar.”

8:00 - 10pm

A collective film created specifically for Art All Night - Trenton 2017 by seven different directors with seven different stories based on the premise of a person walking into a bar.

10:00pm - Tatakai by Jegannath Ramanujam
10:02pm - Friday the 13th: Fan Film (2016) by Riley Lorden
10:14pm - Rusty Nails by Max Miecchi
10:30pm - 6 years later by kamil wójcik
10:35pm - DON'T CRY by Tomoya Takashima
10:40pm - Saints by kamil wójcik
10:54pm - Blood as heavy flooding water by Marian Vredik
11:00pm— Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


12:00am - Teenage Caligula Trailer by Christopher Bickel
12:06am - Juliette by ADIFAC ADIFAC
12:14am - Free fall by Maciej Glowinski
12:18am - 2000 Years of Drag: A Musical Odyssey  by Dorian Electra
12:22am - Doggy by Hamid Borzooey
12:23am - Kansay's Glorious Death by Chris Sagovac
12:24am - Merry Christmass, Joker! by kamil wójcik
12:25am - Neon Slut  by Renaud Duplessis
12:33am - Svartzul by Lorène Lescanne
12:37am - Ponura Tresura / Grim Training by Ala nunu Leszyńska
12:42am - Pleasure Dome (February 26th, 1981) by Harry Ostrem
12:46am - Unbeknownst by Marcelo Marão
12:59am - The Poet of Horrible Things by Guy Charnaux
1:06am - Snap by Dimas Seto Fijri . 
1:09am - My Ass Is Bleeding 2 by Amanda Cat
1:19am - STRANGE BREW by Atton Paul
1:20am- Alexandre Chatelard / Lenny Kravitz by Julien Segard
1:23am - Chiraa Khoor by Lisa Foster
1:26am - Ode to the Sunrise by Ivan Balykin
1:32am - Planet X by Jonathan Baltzly
1:35am - Some of the Sensations by Péter Lichter
1:39am - What You (I) Think Is Truth Is Not Truth But An Idea by Jacob Gasho
1:48am - CONDITIONER by Shane Beam
1:53am - Terror Error by Alexander Nachev
2:06am - Thrill Over Fear by John Katehis
2:10am - For you by Nadav Nachmany
2:14am - Angelica by Jenae Hall
2:18am - RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin by Rene Nuijens
2:28am - YURI´S ANIMATIONS  by almir correia
2:48am - Overperspective – Nihon #01 by Carlon Hardt
2:20am - Adam by Evelyn Ross
2:22am - Ghosts On The Wall - Deathrope by Danilo Neve
2:26am - The Line by Hamid Borzooey
2:28am - Empire of Rusted Steel by Damian Lintell-Smith
2:30am - Happy Slappy  by Anthony Catanese
2:36am - Reality/Reality  by Jacob Gasho
2:40am - Syria by Halla Nejm
2:44am - Through my eyes by eleonora saccoman
2:47am - Absorbed by Dimitris Armenakis
2:55am - TURNT by Atton Paul
2:58am - Days and Days by David Fidalgo Omil
3:03am - Intermezzo Amicus by David Gwaltney
3:06am - BBB_ Nobody by Alexander Sahm
3:08am - Crickets by Olga Czyżykiewicz
3:12am - Sonic the Glitchog by Damian Lintell-Smith
3:15am - Four by Anthony Zakharia
3:20am - Disjunction by James Diaz
3:25am - TFG Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men by Johnny Chiba
3:28am - Molto Loud - Halo by Ilya Karchin
3:32am - Sarsa - Bronie sie by Bartosz Bretes
3:36am - Papaye - Lahuitte by Josselin Beliah
3:39am - Who sees by Olga Czyżykiewicz
3:45am - Ultrarot - Systemschock by Thomas Jordan
3:47am - BIKE - Do Caos ao Cosmos by Matias Borgström
3:53am - Philae by Fernando Epelde García
3:58am - Slincraze - Stállu by Egil Pedersen
4:02am - jukebox by bouslama chamakh
4:04am - Robo-ghost by Leonid Kalyadin
4:07am - Halloween Baby by Christopher Darton
4:14am - After Universe by Federico Foria
4:18am - Grenda - Element of Risk  by Claudia Sanchez
4:23am - Oly. - "Growing Young" by Katarzyna Sawicka
4:29am - Desert Flower by John Hartman
4:36am - Riders on the Storm by LoveKills by Makaya Kelday
4:40am - Cousin - These Walls by COMRADE DENMARK
4:44am - SOIA - "FRACTAL SPIRITS" by Gersin Paya
4:48am - Between Love & Hate by Jules Théret
4:53am - Ain't True by Paolo Benetazzo
4:48am - Tiny Dancer by Jiawei Gong
4:52am - "Reno"  by Eric Michaels
4:49am - Apathy by Casper Jarmo
4:54am - ESPAI VINTAGE - AW 2016 by Jordi Núñez
4:46am - Life Force by Natalia Kokkinou
4:48am - gutterball by samantha gurry
4:49am - GHOST by Zuzanna Plisz
4:53am - Sid and Samantha by Molly Brown
4:56am - Molfar by Oleg Varava
4:59am - BLACK JEANS WHOA by Bob Rose
5:06am - Hatch by Emma Catalfamo
5:10am - Patyatann - Les Dunes by Azim Moollan
5:15am - Translation by Craig Eccles
5:19am -  Xpand - Wolfpack by Ondřej Rybařík
5:23am - Salt by Dasha Siz
5:26am - Feel It by Luisa Kuhn
5:30am - The Kifffness - You Say You Love Me ft Tawanna Shaunte by Quinton Lavery
5:34am - Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident - My Sway by Alex Guimerà
5:37am - Letters by David Mussel
5:42am - King of Minibar by Jimmy Lippi
5:46am - International Women's Day by Victor Alejandro
5:48am - The Invisible Boy by Fabio Bozzetto
5:51am - Weirdose by Arınç Arısoy
5:53am - Monster's Ball by Adam Burns
5:56am - UAM - Air by Vedran Štefan
5:59am - Koala Voice - Strangers' Tides by Matevž Jerman
6:03am - Mongrel Dogs "HIGH" music video by xavier Ruax
6:07am - "60 veces por minuto - Rapsusklei" by Nacho Campillos 


8:00am - Flood by Dimitar Velev
8:08am - What's the Password? by Anna Zorn
8:16am - KATIE by Nikki O
8:20am - PAPER PUPPET PARADE by Atton Paul
8:22am - Cube by Jun Yang
8:24am - How Do We Sing? by Jarod Facknitz  
8:28am - The Little Rainmaker by Florie Duhau
8:29am - She Never Felt The Cold by JD Gardner
8:31am - Balloon by Zoidg Bert
8:34am - Reminisce me with the time of a day by
8:39am - The Blue Butterfly by Mei Li
8:44am - Finito by mauricio bartok
8:49am - The Rice by Yingzong Xin
8:51am - Aahe Nila Saila by Birenjyoti Mohanty  
8:56am - Bored and Sad by Alejandro Loayza Grisi
9:00am - Capture by Xie Chenglin
9:01am - Cotinga by Baptiste Lucas
9:09am - DAISY'S ORACLE by David Bradburn
9:13am - GastaLoops by Nicola Gastaldi
9:17am - Hootchu by Jung Hyun Kim
9:18am - Kitchen's Orchestra by Tina Krüger
9:19am - Making Lucy by Ric Davidson
9:25am - Mr. Selfish by Cansu Karaman
9:28am - Music lessons by Dasha Sevostyanova
9:31am - Space Scape by Bruno Monteiro
9:37am - Marvel Lima - Primavera by David Tutti Dos Reis
9:41am - Varya Demidova - Ashageta by Marianna Roman
9:45am - Nara - alt-J by Jasmin Selen Heinz
9:51am - Our Life Like a Western by Aćim Vasić 
9:53am - Seeking by Crystal Law
9:54am - Switch by Wojciech A. Hoffmann
9:57am - The Million Dollar Nickel by Kyle Misak
10:12am - Paloma by Lorène Lescanne
10:15am - Limerence by Christopher Jones
10:25am - Obsession by Maciej Glowinski
10:30am - The Frozen Throne by Alicia Albares
10:34am - Del Bel: Old Magic by Jeremy Weinstein
10:48am - SONIAMIKI // BWA by Marcin Starzecki
10:52am - Prison Da Vinci by Zach Sebastian
10:56am - í KRING by Gersin Paya
10:58am - PATH OF DAWN by Axel Zeltser
11:00am - Skateporning by Eva Kamenikova
11:35am- Knit by Marti Davis
11:48am - Family On Board by George Pogatsia
12:03pm - Parallax Dreams by John Tuohy
12:09pm- Born Again by Tony James
12:20pm - The Devil and Red Wine by Maurice Paramore
12:29pm - Pretty by Meline Rosales
12:32pm- Virtual by James Tralie
12:37pm - Break the Cycle  by Emily Capriotti
12:41pm - Huye, Huye by Osadía Films
12:45pm - Riff Action Family – Barbara  by Alissa Alexina
12:52pm - Limitless by Rory McLeod
12:57pm - Rain in Sahara - Black Water by Lain Heringman